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The best movies from the Fetish Film Festival in Kiel

Today in Kiel, Germany, the seventh edition of the Fetisch Film Festival brings back one of the few events worldwide dedicated to feature-length movies, shorts and documentaries about the fetish world. Its approach is definitely more cultural than pornographic and, in the words of its creator, «gives indie productions the attention and success they deserve instead of 50 shades of Grey». The festival organizers were so kind as to send me some information about the program. Here are the more interesting works:   Folsom forever – Every year the largest fetish-friendly public event in the world shocks the prudes invading the streets of San Francisco. This documentary looks behind its debauched façade to find a rich history of important social, political and cultural implications.

De overgave (The surrender) – From a trilogy of novels by Renee van Amstel, this movie aims to be a realisic version of the Fifty shades story. In other words, less billionaire kids and more daily problems – although the trailer feels a bit like going back to the Nine and a half weeks era

Les rencontres d’après minuit (Meetings after midnight) At midnight a young couple and their transvestite maid will host an orgy featuring the Stud, the Slut, the Star and the Teen. Each character is however bringing a full baggage, and…

24/7 – This is why unusual sex shouldn’t be improvised. This short stars a desperate couple trying to revive its love life by inviting two libertines home. They are going to be very surprised.

Das Zimmermädchen Lynn (Lynn the chambermaid) – A cleptomaniac maid goes back to work after having being fired, focused on obsessively cleaning up her own life too. This time however she steals the identities of the hotel guests, including a dominatrix she falls in love with.

Emily Sarah – Reiki massage and BDSM practices are more or less the same thing – at least for the protagonist of this documentary, who uses erotic domination techniques to make her clients’ lives better.

Fetish subculture – The most literal documentary about the fetish scene looks about ten years late to the discovery that there are real people behind those latex masks. It does feature lots of clips from actual parties and fashion shows, though, so if you never attended one you are going to be amazed.

Die unfertige (The incomplete) – Klaus Johannes Wolf is 60 and has dedicated his life to become the “perfect slave”. This interview focuses on what he means with that, and follows him on an adventure to crown his path of erotic submission.

Love hotel – Japanese society is founded on conformism, instigating paradoxical reactions of creativity and madness. Love hotels have always been the places to unleash your erotic creativity… yet this bastion of passion is now threatened by recession and conservatism.

Making Mistress More  – Hidden in the New York woods, Le domain Essemar is a strange “BDSM academy” fueled by the enthusiasm of his founder. Right as this documentary was being shot, however, his female partner left the business forcing him to create a new perfect dominatrix from nothing. Here is how you do it.

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