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Sexual wellness is a priceless keystone for happiness. A coach will help you achieving and enhancing it quickly and efficiently

Unusual sexualities sometimes pose equally unusual problems which are hard to solve on your own or without specific expertise. While other fields can offer the assistance of specialized professionals, when it comes to kink finding qualified help may seem impossible. Of course you could look for a solution by researching countless – and not always reliable – sources. The risk however is to have to reinvent the wheel, wasting time and resources before reaching your desired result. Wouldn’t it be more practical to just rely on an expert guide?

This is why part of my activity is to make my decades of direct experience available to those in need of a hand in dealing with the world of BDSM and unusual eroticism in general. Personal coaching is a custom consultancy aimed to better identify and reach your alternative-sexualities-related goals through a reliable series of steps.

Offering an effective strategy for finding your ideal playmate; teaching the right and safe way to eperience specific practices; studying how to best rekindle harmony with your partner; setting up the ideal dungeon or any other problem… together we can find the solution!

Of course consultancies are available also to businesses needing support to tackle the alternative sexualities market.

…and if you have questions, here are the answers to the most frequent ones!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process for resolving problems and difficulties – in this case related to the sexual sphere and to unusual sexualities in particular. It consists of defining, together with an expert, the optimal strategy to achieve the desired objective, monitoring progress over time and optimizing the techniques used according to the personal characteristics of the subject.

How does the coaching process work?

In the first phase, the problem is examined in order to identify exactly what to intervene on and what goal to aim for. Then, together with the coach, a strategy is defined based on clear and feasible actions to be carried out, the results of which are evaluated each time to check their effectiveness. This feedback allows to continually optimize the approach until the goal is achieved.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the complexity of the problem tackled and the subject’s characteristics. However, it is a very efficient method that usually requires far fewer meetings than therapy.

Why should I seek the help of a coach?

Because by examining your problems from the outside I can see more easily where and how to act to solve them, and I can make available to you decades of experience and study of the subject so as to indicate immediately the most effective solutions.

But isn't it better to go to a therapist?

It depends. If your problem is medical in nature or requires particularly delicate interventions, yes – and I’ll be the one to suggest the professionals to approach. However, coaching generally offers a quicker and more effective solution – and often a lot more fun!

Can coaching be done remotely?

Absolutely, yes. The sessions do not involve any physical contact: although it is always nice to meet in person, working via Skype, Zoom, Google Chat or similar solutions is much more practical. Write me to make an appointment and we can get started as soon as possible.

How is privacy handled?

All the rules of professional secrecy apply. Sessions and personal data are not recorded: every note will be taken with your permission only. You can contact me even under a pseudonym, and I will never reveal the contents of our conversations. When I cite any cases in my articles or lectures, it is in general terms and always with the subject’s consent.

Should/may the partner also participate?

Normally, coaching is a one-on-one process. If desired, it can sometimes be useful to work with the couple as well – but in any case not from the first meeting.

How can I book an appointment?

Click the big button above to email me. Please indicate the days and times when it would be most convenient for you to schedule the meeting online, and I will do my best to work out availability. If you can, please also write a brief description of the problem so that I can tell you right away if I can be of service to you.

Note – Coaching is not therapy and it does not involve in any case erotic interactions with or between the clients.

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