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The divulgation of non-normative sexualities doesn’t stop with my books, but continues through several teaching activities.

For professionals like psychologists, sexologists and attorneys, I hold visiting lectures at various institutes (i.e. European Federation of Sexology Congress, Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology, International Academy of Forensic Sciences, Giunti Psychometrics, Centro MAP, Institute for Integrated Psychosomatics…).

The general public can find me at conferences and lectures (i.e. Milano Bicocca University, L’Aquila University, Verona Love Movies Festival, Blob 2.0 cultural festival…).

Practicing kinksters will likely meet me at scene festivals and parties (Rome BDSM Conference, Xplore, La Regina Nera, Sadistique…), holding my MasterClass series of short seminars that can be easily included in a wider format. Some sample titles are:

  • 50 shades of reality – Literary eroticism and its real-life traps
  • Full-body impact play – Spanking is just one among dozens of ways two human bodies can safely slap each other for fun
  • Pleasurebound- How to explore your fantasies without getting (too much) hurt
  • The playrooms – History of the boudoir, from prehistoric caves to virtual sex
  • Reality-based flogging – Reclaiming sensuality in impact play without worrying about pointless technical flourishes
  • BDSM and poliamory – Strategies to turn fantasy into reality… without messing it up in a matter of days
  • Managing kinky relationships – Tips to live an unusual sexuality keeping it always exciting – and without getting trapped into it
  • Bettie Page’s secrets – From fetish model to serial killer, from proto-feminist to pop icon: the strange life of a great Twentieth century character
  • Power and pleasure – Sociology, psychology and physiology of extreme eroticism
  • Reality-based toiletplay – You may think it gross, but it’s a very common fantasy surrounded by misinformation. Here’s the truth
  • The tennis theorem – A simple method to overcome the separation between erotic fantasies and reality – and solving all the entailed problems
  • Safe, sane and consensual – How to prevent and manage accidents during extreme play
  • How to get electrocuted like a pro – Electroplay can kill you in less than a second or be a great source of pleasures. This is how to enjoy the latter
  • Forbidden to minors (and hamsters) – The surprising history of paraphilias, or how all modern philosophy derives from a single fetishism

Finally, those looking for a deeper technical understanding of various kinky activities (i.e. bondage, psychological domination, clinical play, whips…) are welcome to contact me for individual or small circles tutoring, sometimes involving expert support teachers.

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Smart Sex – MasterClass, il BDSM fatto bene
15 Jun 2021
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Rebel Yell
16 Jun 2021
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Interesting, huh?

Interesting, huh?

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