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The divulgation of non-normative sexualities doesn’t stop with my books, but continues through several teaching activities.

For professionals like psychologists, sexologists and attorneys, I hold visiting lectures at various institutes (i.e. European Federation of Sexology Congress, Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology, International Academy of Forensic Sciences, Giunti Psychometrics, Centro MAP, Institute for Integrated Psychosomatics…).

The general public can find me at conferences and lectures (i.e. Milano Bicocca University, L’Aquila University, Verona Love Movies Festival, Blob 2.0 cultural festival…).

Practicing kinksters will likely meet me at scene festivals and parties (Xplore, La Regina Nera, Sadistique, Rome BDSM Conference, Wicked Grounds…), holding my MasterClass series of short seminars that can be easily included in a wider format.

Finally, those looking for a deeper technical understanding of various kinky activities (i.e. bondage, psychological domination, clinical play, whips…) are welcome to contact me for individual or small circles tutoring, sometimes involving expert support teachers.


Here are the topics I cover in my non-specialistic talks:

Safe, Sane and Consensual… for real!

Of course you know what SSC means. Yet you probably never examined what it really entails for you, your partner, other people and your community, did you? This class touches upon stuff like the role of the frontal lobe in negotiating a session; honest and malicious mistakes; alternative “frameworks” and their legal implications; the fallout of porn on safety; dealing with social pressure; medical considerations and much more. No other class will probably benefit your life as much as this one

How to manage a kinky relationship

Tips to enjoy an uncommon sex life and keep it exciting without remaining trapped into it.

Understanding your sexual and kinky models

Everyone’s behavior makes sense if you are aware of their underlying mental models, and this also applies to sex (both vanilla and kinky). The lesson explains what such models are and where do they come from, then examines a number of sexual models and how they affect one’s approach and their partners’ sexuality. We then close on kinky models, their myths and dangers, and how to consciously choose our ideal personal view of “how kink should be”.

Kinky parties etiquette

An introduction (or brush-up) to how to behave socially among other kinksters, especially at a play party. The tone is light and fun, but we’ll also examine the deeper reasons behind some rules and we are going to simulate possibly embarrassing scenarios to learn how to get out of a blunder.  

Safer kinky dating

Our blessed times offer unprecedented acceptance of non-normative sexualities and countless opportunities to easily meet new play partners. While great, this also lowered our general adherence to those safety principles that previous generations of kinksters considered paramount to prevent possible relational or social damage. This presentation covers dozens of true and tested tips that will make your kinky dates safer, plus an examination of the best practices to lead a proud alt-sex life without needlessly putting your social status or job at risk.

The honest guide to finding the mistress of your dreams

Answering the most frequently asked question by kinky males, this lesson offers a full, step-by step blueprint to finally attaining that apparently elusive goal. Participants will learn no “tricks” and definitely no pickup routines, but simply how to consider both the female dominant’s perspective and their own actual shortcomings. The result will be an effective transformation from ‘oh, here’s another annoyance’ to ‘I will do anything to get that guy’!

The honest guide to finding the master of your dreams

The counterpart to the above class, to save submissive females from further disappointments in their quest to win the perfect partner. We are going to address one’s motivations, expectations and understanding of the differences between fiction and reality. Then we’ll examine what makes someone attractive to a sensible, reliable dominant person, and dive into the seriously hard part: how to thin out the proposals, to exclude all the unsuitable suitors.

BDSM and polyamory

The strategies to turn your fantasies into reality… without blowing it all up within a week.

Investigations in kinky history

A fascinating and surprising trip through some of the most amazing kink-related stories of all times: the serial bottom-stingers of early Nineteenth century France; the most dangerous fetishist in the world; the invention of the stripper popping out of a cake, the saga of the video games that founded a fascist disciplinary academy for time-travelling girls of all genders… For each story, we’ll see what happened, why, and what does this teach us about sex and about ourselves.

Safewords: the missing lesson

Everyone knows about safewords, isn’t it? Well, it turns out that most people only have a general grasp of the concept, while they totally ignore the really important parts. This lesson is about the psychology of safewords; the various safewording methods; how to effectively use them; what really to do if one is called; how to manage the aftermath of a derailed session; how actually safe they are; dealing with a safeword violation and more.

The straight story about erotic hypnosis

It’s the ultimate form of domination, it’s extremely cool and definitely trendy. Also, it is one of the hardest forms of play to properly learn, and a little error can cause very serious damage to both partners – and not in the way you are thinking of. This class will explain the physiological, clinical and erotic workings of hypnosis; basic technique; the difference between stage and actual trance; how to spot an incompetent hypnotist; fake erotic hypnosis; the actual possibilities and limits of hypnosis; what can go wrong and how to (partially) prevent accidents; how to actually learn to do it.

The playrooms

Let’s face it: those oblong items archaeologists keep labeling ‘votive objects’ are exactly what they look like. They are prehistoric dildos, also found in prehistoric fuck-caves. From there we’ll begin a fascinating journey through the history of boudoirs that will prove how sex is a perfect window on the whole human experience, and how it impacted architecture, art, technology, literature, social relationships, food, wars and so much more. Trigger warning: Hello Kitty fans might be shocked.

Forbidden to minors (and hamsters)

It turns out that all modern philosophy derives from one lucky case of fetishism – but what are fetishes exactly? This lecture finally tells the straight story about kinks: their causes, their development, and why they are so hard to “cure”. We’ll see how to learn the real sexual preferences of strangers, how kinks are shaped by local culture and their evolution through history. You will be tested on your familiarity with the strangest kinks ever, and we’ll all go home with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a normal human being.

The secrets of Bettie Page

From fetish model to serial killer, from proto-feminist to pop icon: the strange life of a great Twentieth century character.

Chasing the sexbot

The first mention of a sex android is from the year 25 (you read that right), and from there on humanity has been obsessed by an unending quest to build a working sexbot. In this lecture we are going to examine all the attempts, the myths, the failures and the scams; we’ll take a detour in the history of how “pleasure-model replicants” have been portrayed in fiction, and consider the psychology behind such fixation. We will also see the real-world challenges of actually building a working sexbot, and marvel at the unexpected implications that will follow its eventual debut. And, as always, the story will be more about ourselves than the machines.

Why we do what we do

This is a high-concept presentation taking an interdisciplinary approach to answer the question posed in the title. We’ll make use of psychology, philosophy, sociology, history, spirituality and of course sexology to have an honest look into our deeper motivations and to hopefully make peace with being the oddest fellows in a sea of apparent lunatics. The going will be tougher than usual, but it will allow us to understand our own closeness to the divine, and why seeking transcendence in kink might well actually save the world.

Don’t buy that!

Have you ever stumbled on a sex toy so absurd that you wondered if it was even designed by a human at all? Well, somebody actually looks for those and investigates the stories behind them, sometimes learning very interesting things in the process. This lecture will reveal the strangest discoveries, in a hilarious tour of the weirdest sex products ever conceived… with a couple of surprising plot twists along the way.

How to get electrocuted like a pro

Electroplay can kill you in less than a second or be a great source of pleasures: this is how to enjoy the latter. The class will clarify the physiology of electroplay, its hazards and its pleasurable uses in kink. We will then examine electrostatic devices, features and play opportunities, followed by a similar analysis of proper generators (“power boxes”) and their many accessories. The lesson will close with play and shopping tips.

Full-body impact play

Spanking is but one among dozens of pleasurable ways for two bodies to safely crash together.

Humiliation play: disgrace without damage

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said that «Nobody can humiliate you if you don’t allow them to» – but if you do, both you and your partner must be aware that you are risking a type of harm that can be far more damaging than any physical wound. This lesson presents the facts about those risks, and how to prevent them through careful – but no less intense – play technique. We’ll cover communication, negotiation, scene setup, psychological tips, humiliation aftercare, relationship management and more.


How to explore your kinky fantasies without getting hurt (too much).

50 shades of reality

Literary eroticism and its real-life traps.

Porn anthropology 101

Watching pornography is one of the most practiced pastimes in the world… but it can be even more fun if you do it as an anthro-psychologist! We’ll dive in the weirdest niches of porn to learn about the background of very odd genres (door handles licking, anyone?) and, more importantly, what they mean from a sociological point of view. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be able to analyze the next trends and actually predict the future of the world!

Reality-based toilet play

You may think it gross, but it’s a very common fantasy surrounded by heaps of misinformation. This presentation will examine the reasons behind the fascination for this kind of activities, the differences between fantasy and reality, and more easily manageable alternative forms of play. Then we are going to delve into the various ways people include bodily wastes into their BDSM repertoire and the actual medical risks of each one of them, to allow for really informed choices. The lesson will close with play and shopping tips.

Power and pleasure

The sociology, psychology and physiology of extreme eroticism.

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Countries with the highest yearly average number of sex encounters:
First place – France (137)
Second – Greece (133)
Third – Hungary (131)
Last – Singapore (96)
Average in 2011 – 103
Average in 2003 – 127



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