Sex is subject to fads just like any other human activity. There were the pissing years, the latex fetish spell, the male chastity cages era, the bondage times, the black span and so on, dictated by some mysterious erotic zeitgeist nobody can really fathom. I even made a game out of it, trying to guess what will be next – and occasionally getting it right.
My prediction for 2013? Beside the easily deducible 50 shadesmerchandise fallout, I’m betting on oral sex enhancers. This is a somewhat new genre in the world of sex toys which heavily relies on chemistry to allegedly turn something already very good into an unforgettable and surprising experience.

Oral sex enhancers mostly fall into three broad categories. The first is composed of substances that feel icy/tingly/hot/fizzy on your tongue and on whatever it touches: you can easily replicate them with sugar-free (as sugar fosters genital infections) strong mints and/or sparkling water. The second family is made of dietary supplements which change the taste of male and female secretions – eating lots of fruit or artificial sweeteners in your food do the same job.
The third group collects the many variants of analgesic sprays and candies designed to numb the throat’s sensitivity and make “deep throat” fellatios easier by theoretically suppressing your gag reflex. Given the failure rate of the professional products used in gastroscopy exams I would be quite surprised if they worked as much as advertised, but who knows… By the way, some of them specifically claim to be different from your common sore throat medication, so I guess you can’t really substitute them with the latter. Actual field test reports will be very welcome.