I dare to guess that most of my readers already know what BDSM is about: not the saccharine-laden psychosis of 50 shades of Grey, nor the violent abuse so frequently depicted by online porn and misinformed media. Done right, this kind of sexuality is often quite unassuming and it has more in common with a spiritual path of self-knowledge than with bedroom gymnastics. As a matter of fact, BDSM can be an experience so deep and intense that words may fail to describe it fully.

This is why I was pleasantly surprised by Kink~E Magazine’s recent interview with DakaDom, who you might know for his spectacularly efficient Tetruss bondage rig. His answers are mostly focused on the social, psychological and spiritual aspects of extreme eroticism, and they can be a better-than-usual starting point to understand the real power of BDSM.
I found the concept of ‘personal erotic myth’ especially insightful, and you can read it allhere.