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Move along, Mr. Gatsby: I’ll show you ‘great’

There is a slight possibility that you heard me ranting against lazy journalism already, didn’t you? You see, what once was a meaningful, intelligent profession has degraded to the point of blindly repeating the latest  Twitter Trends without any sensible analysis or comment – while just a bit of work would do wonders for broadening everyone’s horizons. I’ll leave you to ponder what this means for “serious” information, but being an unusual sex expert I can walk you through one naughty example.
According to most news sources, the two topics of these days are the grandiose decadence of the Twenties in Luhrmann’s The great Gatsby, and the scandalousDomCon of Los Angeles, dubbed by the media «the fair of sadomasochism». Which would be fine and dandy… if the story really ended there. As you may have guessed, however, there is a little more to it.

First of all, as these events go DomConLA isn’t particularly scandalous, nor it is any news. As a matter of fact, this was the tenth anniversary edition of the convention – which has market stalls, but isn’t a fair either. A quick Google search would have revealed that BDSM fairs do in fact exist and are rather frequent all over the world – if you want to visit one of the best, I strongly suggest the upcoming BoundCon in Munich, Germany.
Leaving the literary and cinematic merits of Gatsby aside, on the other hand, another thirty seconds of searching would have uncovered something much more outrageous and directly connected to the other “news”. What about a fetish fashion show inspired by Fitzgerald’s times? You can watch it below: it’s the launch of a latex line of outfits called Dirty 30s by the NY designer Klawdya Rothschild.

As a matter of fact, the show was held during the Rubber Ball, a kinky event dwarfing the LA one and one of the most important in the world for latex fetishists – whose highlight was an altogether different one. That would be the crowning of Miss Rubber World 2013, the Swedish fetish model Psylocke. I’ll let you find for yourself what performance earned her the prize, to focus on what the real news was for me. Namely: did you know what the hell being a Miss Rubber World entail?
It turns out that the first part is easy: she gets to be showered with pervy merchandise – although the value of this year’s bounty was 33% less than in 2012, and this could spark some interesting economy considerations. Then Psylocke is expected to «promote the rubber fetish community and act as its representative at international fetish events». There it is: if I was still a journalist, this is what I’d set out to cover. I’m terribly curious to know what her next year is going to be like. Is this just a ruse? Will she really travel all over the world to be an ambassador of latex among semi-hostile leather or uniform fetish covens? And doing what, exactly? Will the mainstream media know of her at all? So many questions left unanswered…


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Homosexuality was considered a disorder in Sweden until 1979, when gays started asking (and obtaining) Social Security benefits for their condition and got it quickly declassified.



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