The nice girl in the picture is Mrs. Nikki Lee, daughter ofJohn Millward. If the difference in the names sounds odd it’s because Millward is an “idea detective” whose job apparently consists of analyzing enormous data sets in order to squeeze some sense out of them for us to ponder. Nikki, on the other hand, is the result of his search for the average female porn star – a mythical figure deriving from the analysis of over 7.000 such actresses. Name included.
The information were culled from the most complete online database about adult performers. You can read in John’s post the exact process he used to profile the average actress, but you are probably more interested in learning the results. So here we go!

Nikki Lee is a Caucasian brunette of average height (5’55”) weighing 117 lbs., or about one third lighter than the common North American woman. She wears a rather unimpressive 34B bra (her other measurements: 24, 34) and she started making adult movies when she was 22, probably because that was an easy option in the Californian city where she grew up. She doesn’t have any piercing or tattoo, but she is definitely thinking about it.
What she actually likes in her private life is of course confidential, but her professional skills are on file for casting directors to peruse, so we know in detail what she is willing to do for the right fee. Generally speaking, however, Nikki is predictably more open minded than girls into traditional jobs, and she is doing today the kind of acts they will consider mainstream only in ten years time.

The face, you ask? Since averaging seven thousand photos was impossible even for a geek of that magnitude, what you see in this post is the composite morph of the currently ten most popular actresses around.
I strongly suggest you to check out the whole essay – and while you are at it, you could also read his other works. A very interesting one is about how actually hard it is to find a partner through a dating site, and another series is about the life of the average call girl. Don’t you love living in a time in which the power of decades of IT evolution can finally be used for these deep purposes?