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The revolt of German zoophiles

In 1969 Germany amended its laws about sex crimes lifting penalties against homosexuality, which until then was criminalized along with many other “perversions”. That commendable move however focused on gay relations “forgetting” a number of other practices including zoophilia. This is a rather common situation in Europe, where sex with animals often falls within a legal grey area which is not exactly considered ‘mistreatment’ and is thus tolerated. After all, how many zoophiles there may be out there? It can’t be a significant problem, can it?

The answer may surprise you. In fact many years ago a famous Kinsey study showed that 8% of men and 3% of women do quite regularly have sex with dogs, horses and other animals; this percentage rises even over 40% in rural areas. These statistics are however about fifty years old, when the world was enormously different than today and people were different…
…But the much more recent A billion wicked thoughts informs us than within the list of the most searched-for pornographic genres on the Web, zoophilia rates up in the fifteenth place, before things like ‘anal sex’, ‘celebrities’, ‘orgies’ and ‘swingers’, which is 39). In other words, this still is a very vital phenomenon, so much that there are evenspecific tattoos which let enthusiasts state their preferences in a sort of proud status symbol.

Fact is that enjoying these practices is never a very bright idea. It is not in those cases (the majority) in which the animal penetrates a human being, because the latter gets exposed to viruses, bacteria and parasites which are very dangerous even if the beast is perfectly healthy – and this doesn’t even take into account the risk of bites, scratches, hoof kicks or internal lacerations. Nor it is when the animal is the passive partner, both for it is an actual rape, and because the different anatomies can lead to possibly grave lesions. And here is where our story begins.

In the last few weeks several German veterinarians launched a petition in defense of their patients, who sometimes display signs of sexual abuses. The movement lead by Nicola Siemers took its cause to the parliament, which answered with an imminent law punishing those responsible of such acts with up to 25.000 euros fines. But zoophiles didn’t take it well.

The noisiest opponent is 52-years old librarian Michael Kiok, whose second job is as president of the Zeta association, speaking (according to his estimates) for about one hundred thousand zoophiles in Germany only. The man distinguishes between “good” zoophilia, in which the animal is loved – literally – and respected, from zoorasty, or the abuse of helpless creatures. According to him the new law would violate the fundamental rights of many happy “couples”.

No matter all his efforts to have the law reexamined before its expected inception date, it looks like the public opinion remains predictably hostile to his pleas. In the meantime the owner of a farm in the northern part of the country where Zeta organized its annual party lasting several days stated he won’t rent its land anymore to Kiok and friends, among which there is a sizeable number of furries.

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