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World Cage – Making chastity safe (and an interview)

You know how these things go. There I was, minding my coaching business, when I received an email that basically said: «Hi! I’m a fan and the greatest expert on chastity devices. I just created the best ever, wanna see it?»

Of course I wanted to know more. But, maybe more importantly, I wished to take the opportunity to discuss a number of male chastity-related rumors with a knowledgeable source. Hence, the interview you can find below. But, before that, let’s see what “the best ever chastity device” is.


Enter the World Cage

The World Cage series is an evolution of the best-known penis cages ever, the CB-X series that somehow originated the whole chastity devices trend. It was designed by the daughter of the CB-X inventors with the purpose of being simpler, safer and more comfortable than its precursors, and comes in three sizes to fit pretty much any shaft size.

The box contains five rings, four spacers of different sizes and a silicone ‘anti pull-out shield’ – more on them later – plus one padlock and a few single-use numbered safety locks. While I am pretty sure that the padlock won’t ever jam, alert body scanners, nor risk damage from say shower water and soaps… I’d still recommend using the plastic, easy to cut tags instead.

To wear the cage, you first close one of the hinged rings closest to the body, behind the scrotum. The various sizes are meant to snugly accommodate any anatomy, while the hinge avoids having to awkwardly pull your stuff through. Like every component, the rings feature rounded edges in order not to chafe the skin.

Next come the spacing pin. Differently from earlier and more complicated designs, the device uses one pin only – still you have to find the right size for you, since this is the element that determines how wide will be the gap through which your sack (and inner ducts, arteries, etc.) goes.
The pin also holds the “shield” in place. This is a soft silicone piece that, even if it features four somewhat scary-looking nubs, is only meant to provide extra friction to prevent the guy to try and “escape”. [Spoiler: it is far more effective to just say «Not into being caged, sorry». Nobody will force you to.]

Finally comes the cock cage itself, curved just enough to gently dissuade erections and to be as incospicuous as possible under daily clothes. It is vented above and below for hygienic reasons and ease of washing without removing the device; the front hole is a bit larger than most competition to facilitate pissing without spraying urine everywhere.

I gave the sample cage to a mistress and slave couple who is a close friend of mine for road testing, and this is their verdict: «The World Cage actually feels a better thought-out product than the variety of basic chastity cages we have in our collection. It is more comfortable and customizable than the rest: in fact maybe too much if, like us, you want something that makes feel its presence and meaning throughout the day. Another imperfection it shares with all the similarly designed cages is that it cannot really be kept clean if you use it for more than a day or two: sweat and dirt end up gunking several hard-to-reach places, even if you go for them with a q-tip or other time-sinking techniques. Still, in its class of chastity devices, it actually feels like it is probably the best indeed».

So. Having said this, let’s move on to the interview. While part of the answers understandably sound a little too much like a sales pitch, you are going to find it enlightening to say the least.

Nikki Yates

Nikki Yates

Heiress to the chastity empire

Hi, Nikki! Can you introduce yourself?

Hi Ayzad. My name is Nikki Yates, and I am the founder of Sexy Fun World, the design manufacturer of the World Cage chastity kit. I have been in the male chastity business for over two decades (stop doing math to figure out my age). My parents were the inventors of the first plastic male chastity cages in 1999, and I ran their business (CB-X) for over fifteen years. Sexy Fun World is a family business. We like to say male chastity runs in our family.


Please forgive me for asking, but I am inevitably curious: what was it like to live in a family dedicated to such an exotic endeavor? How did it influence you and your views on sex?

Way back, when my parents first told me about their new invention, I thought it was crazy. I had never heard of such a thing. However, within two years, I opened a store selling male chastity. As I became more informed and educated, my views on sexuality developed and expanded. I can talk about sex to anyone now. I am comfortable speaking to my kids and their friends or fetish enthusiasts at a convention. It is something we all should be able to talk about. I have even spoken on panels at trade shows as an expert in sex and marketing in adult stores.  Before I started in the business, I had never even been in an adult store.


By the way, how many male chastity devices users are there, by your estimates?

Based on my personal sales experience in the male chastity business, I would say there are at least a quarter of a million male chastity users, maybe a lot more. These range from the casual date night user to the long-term chastity enthusiast who wears it for a year or more. My goal has always been to introduce chastity play to everyone – even the most vanilla of couples. It is sexy and fun and can be as light or as intense as you want it to be.


I’d love to hear your take on the obvious puzzle: why are people so intrigued and aroused by chastity games?

I think that the power flip is what makes chastity play so intriguing. The keyholder has complete control over the cage wearer. That is empowering for the keyholder. The lack of control is stimulating to the caged, yet they can’t do anything to resolve the stimulation. That is so sexy! It begs the question, «What would you do for release?»


I know you studied the subject in-depth, so I would be crazy to waste this opportunity to hear the straight story about a series of perennial chastity-related dilemmas. Let’s start with… does male chastity really pose any medical risk, for example for prostatic health or anything else?

I have worked with a urologist for years. He was conducting small studies and found chastity to be an excellent way for himself and his patients to help combat erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and even infertility. He found that tease and denial built up confidence in his patients to achieve erections and also worked to increase testosterone levels and sperm counts.

I know some men find that prostate stimulation also helps with their pleasure and prostate health, particularly while wearing a cage for extended lengths of time, say over a month or two. Of course, I would recommend speaking with a physician for any specific medical question.


And what about the common obsession over the ‘use it or lose it’ hypothesis, according to which keeping a penis locked in a chastity device would forever shrink it to almost nothing?

I found the opposite to be true. Tease and denial allow for more robust erections when a penis is finally allowed to come to a full erection. The penis is not a muscle and you cannot exercise it to make it bigger. If only that were so! So instead of a dozen half-hearted erections because he is not fully engaged with his partner, you will have one very motivated erection focused on the keyholder if he is unsure when or if he will be released.

There is one caveat that I must stress! If you use a plastic cage that contains BPA, this could cause shrinkage. All other plastic chastity devices other than the World Cage are polycarbonate. Polycarbonate contains BPAs that leach through skin contact – especially extended skin contact with the genitals. BPA causes an estrogen response in men that can cause shrinkage of the genitals, among a host of other health problems. The World Cage is ABS, the same plastic from which Lego bricks are made, the safest plastic on the market. Unfortunately, adult products are often not body-safe. So when we began designing the World Cage, we started from the basics – what is it made from, and how can we make it safe.


Next one: erectyle dysfunction due to prolonged chastity play.

The urologist I worked with found that for him (he was a fan of chastity play himself) and his patients, he resolved erectile disfunction through chastity play. He told me the teasing was as crucial as the chastity. Many guys suffering from ED thought they had no movement or response from their penis. When teased in and out of arousal, they felt more “going on” than they realized. Also, they found that caging the penis meant that it wasn’t constantly desensitized by contact with their clothing. When they finally were uncaged, they felt more sensations and found they could obtain and sustain erections.


What about infertility?

Infertility is often treated by not masturbating. Locking it up for a couple of weeks ensures no masturbation. When the urologist tested sperm counts after wearing a cage for a few weeks, he found that the counts went up significantly. Anecdotally his son had infertility. The doctor instructed his son to try a chastity cage.  He and his wife were pregnant within two months after years of trying to conceive. We haven’t tested enough to make medical claims. Unfortunately, the medical establishment often sees chastity cages as only fetish devices and is unwilling to overcome bias against the unconventional.


World CageOk, let’s now focus on the devices themselves. We’ve seen how the World Cage is built, but can you tell me how and why did you bring it to market?

As I mentioned, I ran my parents’ company for over twenty years. They passed away, and the company was sold to an investment group. I took a year off to recover from their loss but couldn’t get this business out of my mind. For years I wanted to build a “better mousetrap”, so to speak. Finally, I decided to jump back in and design my dream cage. I wanted to make the best cock cage on the planet – thus the World Cage. It had to be safe, comfortable, simple, and secure. We accomplished all of that : it is safe – BPA-free, Body-Safe ABS and silicone.  We made it so simple it only takes four parts to put it together.  Each World Cage kit includes a 100% silicone anti-pullout accessory that forms to your body, working like a finger trap does, trapping your penis in place in the cage. We also insisted on being inclusive – we have gender-neutral branding and size-inclusive rings. We have the largest rings of any kit included, up to 2 ¼”, and custom rings available up to 3″. We rounded the rings under the testicles for comfort. Our cages work for both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.


Since you mentioned it, I’d like to ask you about the state of the market for this type of sex toys. First of all: we’ve all seen apparently legit CB-6000 (and other famous devices) sold online for as low as $4 or so. What is the story behind these clones?

The counterfeit market is a terrible blight on every successful business, but it is especially damaging to the adult business. Often the bootlegs look the same, but the materials they are made from can be dangerous. The low, low price counterfeits often are sharp or weak. They cut out plastic to save money, but they then tend to cut into delicate areas. They damage the reputation of the legitimate manufacturers because many customers think they have purchased an authentic product that is not of good quality. Sellers often think that selling fakes is a victimless crime because no one gets hurt, but I have spoken with many people who got injuried by bootleg products because they were trash quality. The best way to protect yourself is by purchasing authentic products. Brands like ourselves put our blood, sweat, and tears into the products we design. Check with the brand if you are in doubt. Also, know this: it is always a fake if it sells for less than half of the brand’s MSRP.


Talking about dangers: what do you think of all those “extreme” variants featuring urethral tubes, or essentially flat – or even inverted – shields to compress the penis, or other scary-looking characteristics?

That is fine if that is your fetish, but I do not recommend using them long-term. These products can cause urethral damage, infections, and worse. I am not a fan of devices that are secure only because they clamp your testicles and become more secure because your balls swell up. This is not healthy. Indulge your fetish, but don’t damage your body. You always want to remember that erections are due to blood flow. Controlling erections is not damaging, but stopping them in any way is to stop blood flow to an essential organ. This can lead to catastrophic consequences.


Which reminds me of the old story about female chastity belts that were both ineffective and probably infection-inducing, not to mention fake. Have you explored the female side of actual chastity devices too?

I would never have to work again if I could design an effective, hygienic female chastity belt. Unfortunately, the challenges seem to be insurmountable. A male chastity belt is external and hygienic. A female chastity belt would have to be internal and would have to be attached to an actual belt (so comfort, hygiene, and universal sizing would be an issue).  There are toy female chastity belts made for short-term wear and primarily just for aesthetics, but I haven’t come up with any ideas for an actual female chastity device. Never say never, though. Although I tend to agree with you that the supposed historical female chastity belts are most likely fiction.


The obvious last question is about the future of chastity devices. How do you imagine it to be?

When I envision the future of chastity, I see designs that incorporate accessories for the long-term fetish enthusiasts, such as a simpler electronic interface. I also see accessories that will make chastity more acceptable to the newbie – vibrators and simple designs.  We are working on electronic locks, but cybersecurity is of paramount importance in these. You don’t want your dick held for ransom – it has happened! Finally, I see chastity play becoming more mainstream and accepted. Gender roles are evolving, and you will find more female-led relationships using chastity to bring these power reversals into the bedroom. As it becomes more conventional, we will see more couples using chastity play to increase intimacy for a date night or long weekend.

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